PHP 7.1.5 Released



7.0.0define允许 array 的值。
5.6.3packThe "q", "Q", "J" and "P" codes were added to enable working with 64-bit numbers.
5.5.0packThe "Z" code was added with equivalent functionality to "a" for Perl compatibility.
 unpackChanges were made to bring this function into line with Perl: The "a" code now retains trailing NULL bytes. The "A" code now strips all trailing ASCII whitespace (spaces, tabs, newlines, carriage returns, and NULL bytes). The "Z" code was added for NULL-padded strings, and removes trailing NULL bytes.
5.3.4sleep在PHP 5.3.4之前,Windows平台下无论 sleep 是否成功调用,总是会返回一个 NULL。
5.0.3php_check_syntaxphp_check_syntax之后调用 exit 会导致一个段错误。
5.0.1php_check_syntaxerror_message 通过引用传递
4.2.1highlight_file该函数现在也受 safe_mode 和 open_basedir 的限制和影响。
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