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imap_header别名 imap_headerinfo()


此函数是该函数的别名: imap_headerinfo().

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stepotronic at nimbleminds dot net
9 years ago
At jeremy at caramiel dot com:
You are wrong, since it will just work if the encoding of the characters is also used in the current context.
There is a reason why it comes with the charset :)

There are way better solutions with imap_mime_header_decode
jeremy at caramiel dot com
9 years ago
Here is a clean way to decode encoded imap headers that will work in all cases :

function fix_text($str)
    $subject = '';
    $subject_array = imap_mime_header_decode($str);

    foreach ($subject_array AS $obj)
        $subject .= rtrim($obj->text, "\t");

    return $subject;
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