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MarkAndrewSlade at gmail dot com
7 years ago
This will trigger a warning and return false if you pass it a non-symlink.  If the file doesn't exist, it will trigger a differently worded warning.

mslade@jupiter ~$ touch a
mslade@jupiter ~$ ln -s a b
mslade@jupiter ~$ ls -l {a,b}
-rw------- 1 mslade mslade 0 2009-06-10 15:27 a
lrwxrwxrwx 1 mslade mslade 1 2009-06-10 15:27 b -> a
mslade@jupiter ~$ php -r "var_dump(readlink('b'));"
string(1) "a"
mslade@jupiter ~$ php -r "var_dump(readlink('a'));"

Warning: readlink(): Invalid argument in Command line code on line 1
mslade@jupiter ~$ php -r "var_dump(readlink('c'));"

Warning: readlink(): No such file or directory in Command line code on line 1
ayon at hyurl dot com
2 months ago
It is neccesary to be notified that readlink only works for a real link file, if this link file locates to a directory, you cannot detect and read its contents, the is_link() function will always return false and readlink() will display a warning is you try to do. Like the following codes:
//assume that A is a directory located in C:, B is a symlink to A, and A contents a file named C.
echo is_link('B/C'); //false
echo readlink('B/C'); //false and a warning will be displayed
//instead, you should use realpath() function to get the real path of C
echo realpath('B/C'); //C:\A\C
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