PHP 7.1.5 Released

PHP 及其相关工程的历史

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PHP 在过去的几年里走过了漫长的道路。成长为处理 web 的最卓越的语言并非易事。如果对 PHP 如何发展到今天很感兴趣,那么请继续读下去吧。以前的 PHP 发行版可以在 » PHP 博物馆找到。

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curious at user dot com
1 year ago
Can these notes be updated for PHP 6 / 7 ?

The history is great.
arkebion at gmail dot com
3 years ago
Some may say that history of a programming or scripting language is not important, but i think it is very crucial if you want to understand the architectural development and reasons behind it. So presentation can be important too, i think this is a more clear version of this document:
1 year ago
As the nationality of Zeev and Andi was mentioned, I was curious as to where Rasmus hailed from.

Wikipedia says he was born in Greenland and moved to Canada in 1980.
aowie1 at gmail dot com
3 years ago
PHP is actually a recursive initialism. Not a recursive acronym.

The difference is that an acronym is reserved for initials that are pronounced as a word and not by their individual letters. The latter refers to an initialism.
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