PHP 7.1.5 Released


密码散列算法 API 提供了简单易用的 crypt() 包装, 以一种简洁易用安全的方式创建和管理密码。

PHP 5.5.0 可用,同时也有兼容 PHP >= 5.3.7 的» 用户级实现

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no-spam-thanks at com dot Potteries
2 years ago
We have implemented this and just like to say its working well for us.  Would recommend to others for added security due to the one-way encryption.

DB field:  set to varchar(255) - this should help others.

Other general users report it to be 123 chars, but on on some of the PHP documentation is states:
"255 characters would be a good choice" - I second that.

PHP developers: GOOD job btw!
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