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judas dot iscariote at gmail dot com
10 years ago
If you want to use this extension in SUSE/openSUSE, it is available here:
nandox7 at myrealbox dot com
8 years ago
The GeoLiteCity free db works and can resolve city names and other informations.

Make sure the instructions are followed regarding it's installation.

At step 2 the decompress file must be moved and renamed.
The files needs to be called GeoIPCity.dat if not the mod_geoip will not find it.
10 years ago
I couldn't get it to work with the DMA code database (product ID 137).  It seems to only work with the country database.  The documentation should contain a warning that this code (as of 0.2.0) is incomplete and that Net_GeoIP should be used for non-country databases.
10 years ago
Both, Ubuntu and Debian itself make usage of version 1.3.x of the c libraries, so installation can't be done with the debian packages, because configure stops with:

== configure: error: You need version 1.4.0 or higher of the C API ==

so you must download it from maxmind.
10 years ago
If you are a Debian or Ubuntu user, instead of building it from source, you can:
aptitude install libgeoip-dev libgeoip1
nospam dot guilhem at nospam dot answeb dot net
6 years ago

While trying to update the GeoIP.dat file under debian, I've found out that automatic updates via the geoipupdate (in geoip-bin package) is not available for the free edition. Here is a one-liner script that will do it. You can put it in a crontab, it will download the .dat file only if it has change :

cd /usr/share/GeoIP && wget GEOIP_URL -N && cat GeoIP.dat.gz | gzip -d > GeoIP.dat

Note : GEOIP_URL is to be found on the page, under the Binary Format section (The php note system won't allow me to put the full URL here

Crontab line could be :

@weekly cd /usr/share/GeoIP && (..)
tjmather at maxmind dot com
10 years ago
The geoip_country_*_by_name functions only work with GeoIP Country.  The geoip_record_by_name function works with GeoIP City.  geoip_region_by_name works with GeoIP Region.  So the API should work with all of the GeoIP databases, as long as you call the correct function.
thomas {AT} thomasfischer {D0T} BIZ
9 years ago
you can use this function to determine the continent of a country:

function getContinentFromCountry($country)
$data = array ("AF"=> "AS","AX"=>"EU","AL"=>"EU", "DZ"=>"AF","AS"=>"OC", "AD"=>"EU","AO"=> "AF" ........);
return $data[$country];

unfortunately this comment's size is restricted, so you will have the rest by yourself

for example:
getContinentFromCountry("DE") will result in "EU"

this data is based on
kapouer at melix dot org
9 years ago
For Debian etch users : libgeoip is in version 1.4 so get the source from lenny (apt-get build-dep libgeoip;apt-get source libgeoip), compile it on etch (dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot in source folder) and install resulting libgeoip1 and libgeo-dev packages (dpkg -i)... Together with php5-dev this package is easy to install (phpize5;./configure --enable-geoip;make;make install)... Then check your install in php with :
echo geoip_database_info(GEOIP_COUNTRY_EDITION);

please note free .dat is in /usr/share/GeoIP/GeoIP.dat
Use geoip-bin package to schedule automatic updates (configure /etc/geoip.default.conf and copy to /etc/geoip.conf, then add a crontab to make the updates...)
hope this helps
php dot comment dot addition at gmail dot com
9 years ago
Just to clarify the other comments, the maxmind post seems to be out of date / incorrect. 

This module fails to work (ie: resolve cities) with the GeoLite City database from here:

The error occurs when calling the function geoip_record_by_name(), which states incorrectly that the required database is not available.  I have tested it with the very latest database, for which geoip_database_info() returns  the version:
GEO-533LITE 20070601 Build 1 Copyright (c) 2007 MaxMind LLC All Rights Reserved

It does, however, resolve countries OK via the GeoLite Country database, which you can grab here:
I tested with the version:

GEO-106FREE 20070601 Build 1 Copyright (c) 2007 MaxMind LLC All Rights Reserved
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