PHP 7.1.5 Released

情形二:使用 --enable-force-cgi-redirect 选项

此编译选项可以防止任何人通过如 这样的 URL 直接调用 PHP。PHP 在此模式下只会解析已经通过了 web 服务器的重定向规则的 URL。

通常 Apache 中的重定向设置可以通过以下指令完成:

Action php-script /cgi-bin/php
AddHandler php-script .php

此选项只在 Apache 下进行过测试,并且要依赖于 Apache 在重定向操作中所设置的非标准 CGI 环境变量 REDIRECT_STATUS。如果 web 服务器不支持任何方式能够判断请求是直接的还是重定向的,就不能使用这个选项,而应该用其它方法。请看下一节。

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celtic at sairyx dot org
10 years ago
Note that force-redirect doesn't work with IIS at all; it'll tell you to go away, as IIS doesn't supply the right variables to PHP.

php.ini tells you to turn it off, so make sure you do.
harvey dot eneman at oracle dot com
7 years ago
It appears that as of 5.3.0, --enable-force-cgi-redirect is not a valid configure option.  A quick review of the 5.3.0 code indicates that it the logic previously enabled by specifying the --enable-force-cgi-redirect configure option is being built into php by default.
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