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Rust Documentation

This page is an overview of the documentation included with your Rust install. Other unofficial documentation may exist elsewhere; for example, the Rust Learning project collects documentation from the community, and builds documentation for individual Rust packages.

0.1 API Documentation

Rust provides a standard library with a number of features; we host its documentation here.

0.2 Extended Error Documentation

Many of Rust's errors come with error codes, and you can request extended diagnostics from the compiler on those errors. We also have the text of those extended errors on the web, if you prefer to read them that way.

0.3 The Rust Bookshelf

Rust provides a number of book-length sets of documentation, collectively nicknamed 'The Rust Bookshelf.'

Another few words about the reference: it is guaranteed to be accurate, but not complete. We now have a policy that all new features must be included in the reference before stabilization; however, we are still back-filling things that landed before then. That work is being tracked here.